AVEC Rejects Chemical Treatment of Chickens

EU - The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and the Scientific Committee on Environmental and Newly Identified Health Risks (SCENIHR) have published their opinions on the possible effect of the four antimicrobial treatment substances on the emergence of antimicrobial resistance through the environment.
calendar icon 9 April 2008
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"It is not necessary to immerse poultry in a waterbath with chlorinated water"
Mr. Wesjohann, president of AVEC.
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The conclusion is that there is still a lack of documented information from practical use to make a complete and conclusive assessment.

The opinions of EFSA and SCENIHR will not take away strong doubts with consumers and AVEC, representing the European poultry industry, will not accept that the image of poultry meat towards European consumers will be put at risk. AVEC will not allow the image of poultry meat built up by the European industry to be undermined by an unjustified action by allowing imports of chemically treated poultry.

AVEC clearly supports the European policy ´from stable to table` that product safety is guaranteed through a sophisticated process quality and hygiene program along all stages in the production. “We are obliged for the consumers to offer naturally produced poultry meat without chemical treatment”, said Mr. Wesjohann, president of AVEC. “It is not necessary to immerse poultry in a waterbath with chlorinated water, as is happening in the USA, to keep microbiological criteria better under control.”

AVEC concludes that there is no justification for the introduction of the use of other substances than potable water. “If the European Commission would allow the use of chemical treatments and the imports of poultry having undergone such treatment, the European Commission is acting against and violating its own rules”, states Paul Heinz Wesjohann.

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