Brunei Poultry Success in Singapore

by 5m Editor
9 April 2008, at 7:55am

BRUNEI DARUSSALAM - Brunei Darussalam's gross agricultural production in 2007 surged by $28 million, thanks to an $81.21 million contribution from the poultry industry.

According to BruneiDirect the acting Director of Agriculture, Hjh Aidah bte Hj Mohd Hanifah, revealed the figures yesterday to over 100 village leaders in the Brunei-Muara District.

The department also said that Brunei is planning to export poultry and chicken eggs to Singapore as Brunei's self-sufficiency for poultry and eggs has reached 95 and 99 per cent respectively.

The second biggest contributor was agrifood processing (based on crop products) at $30.34 million followed by vegetables ($23 million), chicken eggs ($19 million), chicken nesting ($15 million), agri-food processing based on livestock production ($9.88 million), fertilised eggs ($8 million), fruits ($7 million), rice ($3 million), ornamental plants ($2 million), variety of plants ($1 million), beef ($0.9 million), fresh milk ($0.06 million) and goat meat ($0.05 million).

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5m Editor