Chicken Price Dips by 20 Cents

by 5m Editor
22 April 2008, at 8:19am

TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO - Chicken prices in Trinibad and Tobago dropped by 20 cents for every pound due to over production and surplus.

According to the Consumer Affairs Division of the Ministry of Legal Affairs the cost has dropped from an average of $5.93 to an average of $5.73 per lb.

Trinidadexpress has since reported that the ministry's advice was based on a survey conducted on over 50 pluck shops over the weekend.

The news agency claims that the President of the Poultry Association, Robin Phillip, credits the drop in price to a surplus of chickens at farms. There are over 600 chicken farms in Trinidad and Tobago.

"What is happening is the poultry market is there is a surplus of chicken and they are staying on the farms longer than usual," he explained. "Farmers are selling them out at a discounted price because they cannot afford to feed them."

Phillips said it was not unusual to have a chicken surplus during and after the Lenten season.

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5m Editor