GM Hypocrisy in the EU Damages UK Industry

by 5m Editor
17 April 2008, at 1:34pm

UK - Hypocrisy in the EU, is destroying British pig and poultry industries due to their handling of genetically modified feed, say industry experts.

According to the Farmers Guardian, Europe’s zero tolerance stance on GMOs prohibit any feed exports to the EU that contain traces of unauthorised GMO but pigs and poultry that have been fed on the same unauthorised feed can freely enter the European food market for consumption.

European debate is also raging over the elongated authorisation system for new GMOs.

The approval process in the EU can take anything from 3 to 10 years and is often dragged out by member states (such as Italy and Greece) that want to maintain 100 per cent GMO free.

View the Farmers Guardian story by clicking here.

5m Editor