Meriden Launches Toxin Binder

by 5m Editor
1 April 2008, at 3:53pm

CHINA - Meriden launches its new toxin binder, Meri-Bond Xtra at Livestock Asia.

Meriden Animal Health launched its new toxin binder, Meri-Bond Xtra, at Livestock Asia.

Meri-Bond Xtra contains a pure for of clinoptilolite which is naturally formed by the devitrification of volcanic ash in lakes and marine water. It is a selective toxin binder that effectively binds 100% of aflatoxin and ammonia with a low inclusion rate.

"Meri-Bond Xtra is an efficient toxin binder because it has a much higher cation exchange rate compared to the bentonite-based binder.

"It not only absorbs aflatoxin, but also ammonia and heavy metals while leaving nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and other additives intact" said Dr Claire Yew Yoke Ching, Meriden's Technical Sales Manager.

The product is being introduced and its registration is ongoing in many countries worldwide.