Pilot Project: Recycling chromium for poultry feed

by 5m Editor
25 April 2008, at 9:30am

INDIA - A pilot study on the removal of highly carcinogenic chromium from the leather wastes used in the manufacture of poultry feed has been given the go-ahead.

The project will be undertaken in the Tamil Nadu State Council for Science and Technology, in Chennai, and has been awarded a Rs.1.10-lakh research grant.

According to Dr. Sudha, the two-year project is aimed at the removal of chromium from leather wastes through a cost-effective method, reports TheHindu.

Owing to high protein content, leather shavings are being used in the manufacture of poultry feed, along with corn flour.

An analysis of the poultry feed collected from different chicken shops revealed that the samples contained very high concentration of chromium. The chicken eating the feed regularly were found to have high levels of chromium in their different body parts.

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5m Editor