Show Must Go On at Pilgrim's Pride

by 5m Editor
18 April 2008, at 9:08am

US - Pilgrim's Pride appears to have recovered from disaster, processing and preparing chicken again after 100 workers were arrested and dismissed by the company the previous day.

According to the Times Free Press, the nation’s biggest chicken supplier lost more than 3 percent of its nationwide production staff when federal immigration agents raided poultry plants in Chattanooga and four other cities Wednesday morning.

“We’ve been working hard today to ensure we continue our operations,” company spokesman Ray Atkinson said Thursday.

But the Texas-based Pilgrim’s Pride, whose officials said they worked with federal authorities to help identify suspected illegal immigrants in its plants, does not face any criminal or civil charges.

While federal prosecutors said Wednesday’s raids show their commitment to enforcing immigration laws, critics said it reflects the difficulties and inequities of current law.

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