VPA Spend $10.5 Million on Feed Storage

by 5m Editor
28 April 2008, at 11:43am

US - The Virginia Poultry Association have reduced their feed costs by opening up a new grain storage facility worth $10.5 million, which they say will ultimately save money on the transportation of corn.

Just north of Harrisonburg off Kratzer Road, two 148-foot grain silos store corn transported by rail from the Midwest, reports DNR online.

The facility received its first corn shipment April 14, according to VPGC Engineering Manager Phil Miller.

The poultry co-op had to deal in large volume purchases to get a transportation price break from Norfolk Southern Corp.

"To get the freight break, we had to be able to handle 75 [rail] cars, which is 300,000 bushels," Miller said. "That fills one silo."

With its new storage capacity, VPGC also can negotiate its own prices for corn, said President and General Manager James Mason.

You can view the DNRonline story by clicking here.

5m Editor