Wheat Plant Breathes New Life into Livestock

by 5m Editor
15 April 2008, at 12:51pm

MANCHESTER, UK - The opening of Cargill's redeveloped Manchester wheat processing plant will provide benefits for the livestock and dairy sectors as well as arable farmers, the chairman of the NFU's combinable crops board said today.

The plant, which has had £75 million spent on it, will now take 750,000 tonnes of UK grown wheat rather than imported French maize and will produce a range of products for the food, feed and pharmaceutical sectors.

Ian Backhouse, NFU combinable crops board chairman, said: "As well as being good news for the wheat farmers who will supply it, Cargill's redevelopment of its Manchester plant will also have benefits for both livestock and dairy farmers, who will be able to take advantage of the Trafford Gold animal feed the site will produce. This kind of commitment is excellent news for the UK agriculture industry."

5m Editor