Going Off Poultry in Jamaica

by 5m Editor
2 May 2008, at 9:22am

JAMAICA - The inflating price of food in Jamaica have set consumers searching for smaller packages of poultry in supermarkets. This knock-on effect is hurting producers such as the Caribbean Broilers, who have seen their sales drop.

According to the Jamaica Gleaner, corporate affairs manager at Caribbean Broilers, Dr Keith Amiel said the fall-off in sales has resulted in higher than usual inventories of between five and six per cent above projected levels. But Amiel said the slowdown was not considered major, given that the market had seen no fall-off in consumption.

It is also not widespread, with market leader Jamaica Broilers reporting that its sales were on target. Caribbean Broilers processes about 770,000kg of chicken meat per week.

View the Jamaica Gleaner story by clicking here.

5m Editor