Pakistan Poultry Association Demands Tax Exemptions

by 5m Editor
21 May 2008, at 8:47am

PAKISTAN - The Pakistan Poultry Association (PPA) has demanded of the government exemption of 15 per cent GST on input used for poultry production in line with precedent of other industries.

According to The Post, the PPA has said that poultry sector was paying 15 per cent GST on electricity bills of the poultry farm besides the GST was also paid by poultry entrepreneurs on other inputs, such as locally manufactured products like chicks' boxes, plastic boxes, egg trays etc and other allied materials.

The news agency reports that the PPA chairman also mentioned in the representation that GST was also paid on inputs which were imported in connection with preparation of poultry products.

He added that it was in view of the fact that poultry products being the food items were non-sales taxable, and in the face of the latter GST which was paid on inputs, infrastructural and of utility nature, was not adjustable in the cost of poultry products nor any refund of GST could be claimed which is impacting negatively on the cost of production of poultry products, the board had allowed exemption of GST to some Industries which suffered in the same manner and are exporting their major products.

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5m Editor