Chicken Prices Fly High in Malaysia

by 5m Editor
13 June 2008, at 8:40am

MALAYSIA - Chicken sellers have increased their prices despite a 60 sen per kilo drop in ex-farm prices, says Federation of Livestock Farmers Association of Malaysia (FLFAM).

According to the Star Online the association's broiler unit chairman Kwei Yew Tong said that the increase was justifiable considering the recent hike in fuel prices.

Kwei said that as of yesterday ex-farm prices stood at RM4 per kilo but added he had read reports that the market price had risen to RM7 per kilo in several places.

“The ex-farm price has gone down because it is dependent on supply and demand, and currently, the demand has slumped.

“Chicken sellers have had to increase their prices to offset costs in transportation and other expenses. This is in addition to the drop in sales too,” he told the Star.

Asked whether there were complaints of losses, Kwei confirmed that many were forced to close shop because they could not cope with basic costs.

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5m Editor