Darkling Beetles: a New Solution to an Old Problem

US - A solution has been offered to the on-going problem of darkling beetles to the poultry industry, and it comes in the form of an insecticide.
calendar icon 10 June 2008
clock icon 2 minute read

Darkling beetles have long been a serious problem for the US poultry industry, spreading disease, destroying insulation, and consuming poultry feed, which ultimately means eating away profits.

Bayer Animal Health now offers a new addition to their product lineup for darkling beetle control - Credo(TM) SC Insecticide. This new weapon contains the active ingredient imidacloprid, effective against adult and larval darkling beetles (Alphitobius diaperinus).

The insecticide utilizes a class of chemistry new to darkling beetle control, and specifically formulated for use in poultry houses. With mounting concern that darkling beetles are becoming resistant to existing insecticides, a new active ingredient, imidacloprid, with no known resistance seen in darkling beetles, is being used.

"Credo SC is an important new product for the poultry industry, offering a new type of chemistry never seen before in the darkling beetle market," says V. Bruce Steward, Ph. D., Marketing Product Manager, Livestock Insecticides for Bayer Animal Health. "This product will be essential for poultry houses managing darkling beetles."

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