Government Offers Poultry Sellers One Billion

by 5m Editor
23 June 2008, at 4:58pm

HONG KONG - Government has offered HKD1 billion to compensate for stopping live bird sales.

The territory's information service department reports the Secretary for Food & Health as describing his one billion Hong Kong dollar compensation package for poultry traders as "a generous and reasonable offer."

Dr York Chow added that it takes into account the need for the sellers to close down business within a short period of time, the trade's operation, turnover and the risks of bird flu.

Secretary Chow put forward the package during a meeting on Friday.

Under the proposal, farmers, wholesalers, retailers, transport operators and live poultry workers could receive compensation that is about three times the value of the package for voluntary surrender of live poultry licences or tenancies scheme handed down in 2004 and 2005.

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