Polk's Generosity Noted

by 5m Editor
24 June 2008, at 10:46am

US - Corporate America gets the blame for everything from global warming to the rising prices yet their good deeds are often overlooked.

Local man Henry M. Lipsey has written to Tuscaloosa News to say that when Peco Foods found out that the West Alabama Food Bank was short on frozen protein because of a beef recall in California, they took action.

Peco Foods in Tuscaloosa made a significant donation of frozen chicken. That donation helped supply poorer citizens of West Alabama with much-needed protein. The action could easily have helped a child learn more and thus become a better citizen, wrote Mr Lipsey.

Polk's Meat Processing of Magee, Mississippi, recently donated more than 13,000 pounds of frozen poultry and pork products to the Food Bank that will help supply their summer's needs.

View the Tuscaloosa News story by clicking here.

5m Editor