EU Considers Ban on South African Ostrich Meat

by 5m Editor
16 July 2008, at 11:34am

EU - The European Health and Consumer Protection Directorate has raised questions about residue monitoring in South African ostrich meat.

The European Union is the main export market for South African ostrich meat, reports Business Day, but it is considering a ban as the agriculture department is alleged to be neglecting the monitoring of health standards.

Last week, a team sent by the European Commission’s food and veterinary office went to South Africa to investigate the implementation of health and safety measures, including testing for antibiotics, pesticides or growth stimulants that could be harmful to consumers.

Ninety per cent of ostrich meat exported by South Africa is destined for the EU and the trade has a value of more than R1 billion, and so a ban would be likely to impact the industry.

The EU has already banned red meat, poultry and other animal-derived products such as honey and milk from entering the EU, and last month, game meat was added to the list of prohibited exports.

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5m Editor