Herbruck Invests in Organic Production

by 5m Editor
22 July 2008, at 9:53am

US - Herbruck Poultry Ranch is investing $13 million to expand its organic egg operation.

Herbruck Poultry Ranch Inc. will increase production by 300,000 hens this year in Saranac, Michigan.

The business is run by the five children of the founder and produces most of the eggs in Michigan, reports Freep. They supply retail chains such as Meijer and Sam's Club, as well as to Eggland's Best in several Midwestern states and to a company that supplies them to McDonald's.

"The market is for organics. It's a segment that continues to grow."
Stephen Herbruck. Herbruck Poultry Ranch president

Herbruck Poultry Ranch president Stephen Herbruck said that the farm provides all the eggs for McDonald's restaurants east of the Mississippi River.

The fastest-growing demand, he said, is for organic eggs, so the company is spending $13 million to add an organic egg production facility and an organic egg processing facility near its other Ionia County operations.

Further expansion is planned to raise the number of organic hens on the site to more than one million and the total number of hens to six million.

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