Quarter of Egg Farms to Close?

by 5m Editor
14 July 2008, at 8:12am

INDIA - Feed prices are still rising, and 25 per cent of farms may be forced to close.

The price of a dozen eggs may have to rise from the current 30 rupees (INR) to INR36, reports Commodity Online. The increase has been blamed on the prices of maize and soya, which have doubled since last year.

National Egg Co-ordination Committee (NECC) has campaigned vigorously to ban both futures trading and exports of maize, and indeed, exports have now been banned.

However, maize prices have continued to rise as the result of strong demand from the domestic poultry industry, and NECC now expects one in four poultry farms to be forced to close down, while others reduce flock size.

NECC also warned that egg farmers have no alterative but to increase prices.

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5m Editor