Urban Chicken Vote Postponed in Colorado

by 5m Editor
7 July 2008, at 10:36am

US - Fort Collins residents who might be envious of Doesken's chickens will have to wait another two months before the City Council votes on a proposed ordinance that would allow residents to have up to six chickens per household within city limits.

According to the Coloradoan the ordinance passed on a 5-2 vote on first reading in early June, but city staff has postponed the second reading until Sept. 2 to work out council and resident concerns about bringing poultry into the city.

Chickens, but not roosters, would be allowed under the ordinance.

Chickens would have to be kept penned up at least 15 feet away from the nearest property line and will not be allowed to be slaughtered.

"The hens will be considered pets," said James Bishop, a member of the Urban Hen Coalition, a group pushing the issue.

View the Coloradoan story by clicking here.

5m Editor