Chicken Costs Impacted by High Feed Prices

KARACHI - Increase in cost of poultry production during the last few months has had negative repercussions on chicken rates, which caused a sharp surge during the last one month, proving to be detrimental to may consumers.
calendar icon 28 August 2008
clock icon 3 minute read

Unprecedented increase in chicken feed rates made of millet, rice and pulses during the last few months had negative impact on the prices of chicken meat.

Some one month ago, chicken meat was available at Rs 140 per kg to Rs 145 per kg, however owing to multifarious factors which affected rates of all essential commodities, it is now available in retail markets at Rs 185 to Rs 190 per kg. The live bird is now Rs 107, which was earlier Rs 92. This fresh hike has come with only a few days prior to the commencement of Ramadhan.

According to poultry industry sources, poultry production rates have upped by more than 40 percent consequently the upward revision in prices of the chicken meat was unavoidable.

While justifying the increase, Maroof Siddiqui, Central Convener, Pak Poultry Association, claimed that in addition to increase in prices of chicken, steep increase was registered in the rates of their feed during the last few months, reports the Daily Times.

First of all chick rates surged by Rs 18 to Rs 19 per piece compared to previous rates of Rs 12 to Rs 13, while chicken feed prices have almost doubled during the last few months from previous rates of Rs 700 per 50 kg bag to current price of Rs 1400 per 50 kg bag.

He claimed that taking justification of increase in fuel rates, most of the transporters involved in transporting chicken from poultry farms to thousands of retail outlets across the city, made upward increase in their daily charges that added to the overall cost.

In response to a question relating to stability in chicken meat rates during the holy month of Ramadhan, he claimed that during the first fortnight, the prices are expected to normalise owing to less demand of the commodity.

Usually in the first fortnight, business activities are usually very thin at thousands of fast food and roadside outlets, but during the second half of the holy month, the activities generally gain momentum resulting in high demand of the commodity.

Prices of the chicken meat may cross Rs 200 per kg prior to Eid-ul-Fitr.

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