Consumer Confidence Returns after Avian Flu

by 5m Editor
1 August 2008, at 11:13am

SWITZERLAND - Swiss farmers received good news today, the country's national day: the faith of local consumers has finally been restored in chickens, two years after the avian flu scare slashed supermarket sales.

The Swiss Association of Poultry Producers says demand for chicken meat is now higher than it was before the threat of bird flu destroyed consumer confidence, according to Swiss World Radio.

Poultry farmers were doubly hit by the avian influenza scare. Firstly, people shied away from buying chicken and turkey and second, farmers were forced to destroy their flocks.

They say it has taken until now to get sales back to 2006 levels.

It is predicted that poultry consumption will rise by two to three per cent this year compared with 2007.

5m Editor