Farmers Group Requests Chicken Price Rise

by 5m Editor
5 August 2008, at 10:20am

MALAYSIA - Poultry farmers want the price of chicken to be raised to allow a fair margin over rising costs.

The Federation of Livestock Farmers' Associations of Malaysia (FLFAM) says that the current price of 5.04 Malaysian ringgits (MYR) per kilogramme live weight at the farm gate only just covers production costs and leaves no margin at all, reports Bernama.

"In October 2006 for example, the production cost was MYR3.22 per kilo live weight at farm and chicken feed was purchased at MYR54.50 per bag," it said in a statement on 5 August.

"However, the scenario has changed today. Chicken feed now costs MYR88 per bag and the production cost shot up to MYR5.04 per kilo live weight at the farm gate," the federation said.

"Note that current MYR5.04 per kilo live weight at farm gate is production cost only and there is no margin at all," it added.

FLFAM said its call to raise chicken prices was made after considering the production cost, which is hurting the earnings of all Malaysian farmers.

An increase in the chicken prices should at least cover production costs, it said.

5m Editor