High Feed Costs Blamed for Egg Prices

by 5m Editor
6 August 2008, at 7:36am

TRINIDAD & TOBAGO - The price of table eggs has increased for the third time this year.

A 'continued increase in feed prices' has been blamed for the rising cost of this family staple, which will now retail for an average of $1.25 (TTD) per egg in most groceries and parlours, reports the Trinidad & Tobago Express.

In January of this year, price increases were attributed to higher feeding costs-the result of a global increase in the price of grain. This factor remains the driving force behind current prices.

A dozen medium-sized eggs will now wholesale for TTD11.45, large for TTD12.05, extra-large for TTD12.45 and jumbo for TTD12.95.

These prices represent an increase of about eight cents per egg, according to the Association of Trinidad and Tobago Table Egg Producers.

In most supermarkets, the present price of one dozen medium eggs is TTD11.50, TTD12.99 for large, TTD14.99 for extra large and jumbo go for TTD16.99.

One Central parlour owner told the Express yesterday that small establishments serving villages only carry one size of egg - usually large - and the price of one egg will likely be TTD1.25.

Several of the country's large supermarkets had either not yet been notified of the changes or were still making price adjustments.

5m Editor