XVIth International Specialized Exhibition, Dobrich, Bulgaria

by 5m Editor
12 August 2008, at 9:49am

Tivis Limited, Meriden Animal Health’s ( distributor in Bulgaria, exhibited at the XVIth International Specialized Exhibition 'The Agriculture and Everything for It', in Dobrich.

"The trends in Bulgaria have been changing since we became part of the EU. There is now a growing need for natural alternative feed additives of which Orego-Stim® is the original breakthrough product," said Nickolay Ivanov - Tivis Limited.

From left to right: Nickolay Ivanov - Managing Director, Tivis Ltd; Daniel Palcu – Regional manager, Meriden Animal Health Limited.

Using Orego-Stim® in the feed or water will benefit broiler and layer production by:

  • Helping to maintain a healthy immune system
  • Maximising intestinal health
  • Producing drier faeces + drier litter = less ammonia
  • Reducing mortality
  • Decreasing incidences of diarrhoea caused by common intestinal diseases
  • Improving efficiency of growers
  • Providing extra protection during stressful periods
  • Improving growth rates and feed conversion ratio
  • Improving the efficiency of layers and uniformity of the eggs
  • Increasing egg production
  • Reducing the number of cracked, inferior and dirty eggs
Using Orego-Stim® in the feed or water will benefit swine production by:
  • Adding loin depth > leanercarcass = Higher Returns
  • Increasing fertility, litter size and weaning weight
  • Reducing stress during weaning
  • Improving growth and feed conversion ratio
  • Maximising intestinal health and preventing diarrhoea
  • Preventing incidences of coccidiosis
  • Optimising growth of the intestinal villi for better absorption of nutrients
  • Helping to maintain a healthy immune system
  • Improving palatability and feed intake