EggAnalyzer™ Gains Ground In U.S. Commercial Egg Industry And Research Areas

by 5m Editor
1 September 2008, at 11:18am

US - EggTester.Com has announced that a laboratory of the Agriculture Research Service, an agency of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), has purchased an EggAnalyzer.

The Laboratory will use the EggAnalyzer to gather information and evaluate egg parameters as part of a research project.

The EggAnalyzer measures an egg's weight, albumen height and yolk color, and automatically calculates the Haugh unit and USDA-grade in just 17 seconds (Patent Pending). EggAnalyzer's cutting-edge technology answers the need for consistent, accurate, and objective egg-quality testing. Prior to EggAnalyzer's release in 2006, traditional testing methods provided subjective and, therefore, inconsistent results.

EggTester.Com also announced that the U.S. Army (Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD) has purchased the company's Egg Force Reader™ and Eggshell Thickness Gauge™ for research purposes.

Following these key sales, EggTester.Com expects its products to gain recognition and increased revenue in the commercial egg-industry and research fields in the United States.

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