UFU Pressing for Drop in Livestock Feed Prices

by 5m Editor
1 September 2008, at 9:55am

UK - The Ulster Farmers’ Union is pressing for a drop in livestock feed prices.

The UFU says market prices in the cereals sector have fallen in 2008 and this now needs to be reflected in lower feed bills to farmers.

UFU deputy president, John Thompson, raised the issue this week with the Northern Ireland Grain Trade Association.

Mr Thompson said, “Grain prices have risen in recent years and the UFU welcomed this because it delivered realistic prices to arable producers. This year, global grain market prices have fallen and it’s time to see this reflected in lower feed bills for the livestock sector. Some feed companies have this week indicated that prices will begin to fall. We welcome this and we will continue to monitor this issue closely”.

“We are also closely monitoring the price of fertiliser. Any potential lowering of fertiliser costs also needs to be delivered to farmers, to take the financial pressure off producers who are struggling with unprecedented rises in costs”.

5m Editor