Addcon Strengthens its Marketing and Sales Team

by 5m Editor
7 October 2008, at 10:17am

GERMANY - The Addcon Group announces that Kurt Wegleitner has joined the group of companies to direct its global Marketing and Sales activities.

Kurt Wegleitner

With more than 10 years of experience in the feed industry, Kurt Wegleitner has previously worked for a global supplier of feed additives in Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia.

"It is a huge opportunity to bring our know-how, experience and technology in feed preservation and natural growth promotion from Germany to our customers wherever they are. Addcon has more than 50 years of experience in working with organics acids- this knowledge shall help our customers to keep their feed clean and safe," says Mr Wegleitner.

"One of my main tasks is to strengthen the cooperation with business partners and customers for the mutual benefit."

Bernd Kochannek, Chief Operating Officer of the Addcon Group sees growth potential for its activities in various sectors and regions.

"Our main advantage is the backward integration of our production. This backward integration will help us to guarantee stable supply of our products. Especially in times of volatile raw material prices, such backward integration is of major importance, and makes us a trustworthy supplier", said Mr Kochannek.

Bernd Kochannek

The Addcon Group supplyies the feed and the food industry with preservatives. Apart from those activities Addcon is also working with the aviation and oil drilling industry. Addcon has been founded in the 1950s in Germany. Ever since, the company has grown in terms of product range, sales and manpower.

Recently, the company surprised the industry with the news that it took over the distribution rights for FormiĀ® from BASF.

For more information on the company in German, please click here.

5m Editor