Four Slaughterhouses in Semnan

by 5m Editor
27 October 2008, at 8:29am

IRAN - There are 14 active abattoirs of livestock, including four for poultry, in the province Semnan.

The Iranian Agriculture News Agency reports that in the province Semnan, there are 10 functioning abattoirs of livestock and four for poultry.

"The daily capacity of each abattoir of livestock is 551 head of light cattle and 32 head of heavy livestock," said the head of the organization of the agricultural jihad of the province Semnan.

"In the active poultry abattoirs of the province, 8,400 chicken are slaughtered an hour," added Ali Asghar Mirzaaie.

"In the city Garm Saar, 90 percent of the construction operations of an abattoir for light cattle has been finished. In addition, other 3 abattoirs are under construction with a capacity of 2000 head per hour," he continued.

5m Editor