Massive Corn Expansion Program in W. Visayas

by 5m Editor
8 October 2008, at 8:47am

THE PHILIPPINES - A massive expansion of corn plantation in Western Visayas is now ongoing in response to the increasing demand of the product, as reported by the Agriculture regional executive director, Larry Nacionales.

Mr Nacionales said the agency is laying emphasis on the corn-growing program due to the growth of livestock and poultry industries in Western Visayas.

He added that last year, the region was around 62 percent sufficient and the agency looked forward to an increase of about 80 percent in sufficiency this year.

With the shortage, Mr Nacionales said Western Visayas has to get a portion of its requirements from Mindanao.

He added that as part of the expansion program, plantations for white and yellow corn were already underway in Aklan and Antique.

However, some 5,000 hectares of corn plantations in northern Iloilo and Capiz were affected by the recent typhoon, Frank, reports

5m Editor