Bosnia-Hercegovina: Poultry and Products 2008

by 5m Editor
21 November 2008, at 8:34am

BOSNIA-HERCEGOVINA - A project funded by the World Bank has been initiated this week to help control avian flu in the country. The report, subtitled BiH Starts with the WB Supported Avian Influenza Project worth $7 million was prepared by Sanela Stanojcic-Eminagic as a USDA Foreign Agricultural Service GAIN Report.

Implementation of the World Bank-supported Avian Influenza (AI) Preparedness Project, worth $7 million, started this week at a workshop in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).

The project aims to minimize the threat posed, both to humans and domestic animals and poultry, by AI or any other zoonoses, and to prepare for, respond to and control this or other pandemics. BiH's first case of AI was registered in February 2006 and was followed by a cross-border case in Serbia in March 2006. These HPAI outbreaks have had a major impact on BiH's economy and have delayed the country's progress in development of food safety and animal health standards.

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