EUROTIER REPORT: CID LINES Launches Bioprotexion

by 5m Editor
12 November 2008, at 1:08pm

GERMANY: Hygiene solutions company CID LINES launched a new programme for food safety on farm in the Bioprotexion Box at EuroTier.

The company that is celebrating its 20th anniversary at the exhibition in Hanover, Germany, said the Bioprotexion programme allows a trained consultant to establish operating procedures according to HACCP standards with a special Bioprotexion Box kit.

CidLines celebrates its 20th anniversary at EuroTier.
The box contains all the necessary documents such as hygiene check lists, detailed technical data sheets, sensitising posters and training manuals as well as the necessary instruments including a pH meter, conductivity meter, titration kit, hygiene swabs, test strips and personal protective equipment for the hygiene consultant.

The new kit is aimed to meet the increased demands that are found on farm because of the need for a higher concentration of farm animals, demands of productivity and the possible pressures of increased infection.