Opportunities for DDGS in Egypt

by 5m Editor
7 November 2008, at 10:53am

US - There are opportunities for using more DDGS in poultry feed in Egypt, says the US Grains Council.

The US Grains Council (USGC) aims to expand demand of US feed grains and their co-products in Egypt by working hands-on in the country's vibrant livestock and poultry industries and the growing aquaculture sector.

Dr Darwin Britzman, USGC consultant, travelled to Egypt on 22-26 October to provide training to feed mill operators and end-users regarding the feeding of co-products and coarse grains, and modern handling methods.

In the poultry industry, the common practice in Egypt is to start the birds on low levels of DDGS, 5 percent, and to increase it to 7.5-10 percent as they get older.

"By continuing education efforts, Egyptian poultry producers will likely begin using high levels of DDGS at the very beginning, one day of age," he said.

5m Editor