Poultry Industry 'Competitive'

by 5m Editor
7 November 2008, at 8:55am

MALAYSIA - Deputy chairman of the World Halal Forum thinks the country would be successful if it looked to export surplus poultry meat.

Malaysia should promote its poultry industry in the export market as it is competitive compared to other regional players, said the deputy chairman of the World Halal Forum (WHF), Nordin Abdullah, reports Bernama.

He said currently the industry had excess production which was 120 percent more than demand.

"We can leverage on the existing strength of the poultry industry. There is also an excess of egg production now. We need to be doing something about this," Mr Nordin told reporters after chairing the WHF CEO roundtable here.

Mr Nordin added that there are several other areas that have been identified as key sectors to attract investments, such as palm oil and beef.

5m Editor