Newcastle Disease Continues to Hit Belize

by 5m Editor
18 December 2008, at 10:46am

BELIZE - The veterinary authorities have sent a follow-up report to the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) on the situation with Newcastle disease in the country. There have been a further five outbreaks.

Follow-up report number 2 from the veterinary authorities in Beliza is dated 16 December and describes five new outbreaks of Newcastle disease: in Santa Rosa and Bella Vista (both in Stann Creek); in Hersheys and Valley of Peace (both in Cayo) and in Burrell Boom (Belize). All these districts are in the centre of the country.

In total, 500 backyard birds were involved, of which there were 248 cases, including 240 deaths. The other birds were destroyed or slaughtered.

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