Broiler Company Head Urgues Ban on Imported Parts

by 5m Editor
19 January 2009, at 6:45am

RUSSIA - Russia should purchase only whole poultry carcasses from Argentina - not parts - in order to protect the Russian broiler industry.

Argentinian poultry producers should be authorized to export only whole carcasses to Russia in order to provide sound competition in the Russian market, recommends Dmitry Aveltsov, General Director of ZAO Stavropolsky Broiler (based in Stavropol Territory and part of Interros), according to Meat Russia.

Mr Aveltsov explained that if Argentina supplies carcass parts at dumping prices, Russia may face the same situation observed previously with American drumsticks. These, he alleges, were exported at low prices as a 'by-product' of the breast meat. the result was that domestic producers could not compete with the imported product, and this had a negative impact on domestic poultry sales.

It has been reported previously that Argentina is going to increase poultry exports to Russia significantly.

The Head of Federal Agency for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Supervision (Rosselkhoznadzor), Sergey Dankvert, reported told Interfax that in the course of the 7th meeting of Intergovernmental Russian-Argentinean Committee for Trade and Economic and Research and Technology Cooperation in Moscow in June 2008, the Argentinian delegation proposed a framework agreement on poultry supply to Russia.

The Argentinian Association of Poultry Producers proposed to supply 36,000 tons of poultry and poultry products per year to the Russian market. Mr Dankvert said that the proposal would be examined, reports Meat Russia.