IPE REPORT - (Three) Protestors at Opening of Expo

by 5m Editor
29 January 2009, at 2:13pm

US - Visitors to the International Poultry Exposition in Atlanta were greeted with a low-key, anti-meat demonstration as they arrived at the Georgia World Congress Center.

Just three demonstrators - one dressed in a chicken costume - protested some distance away from the centre as exhibitors and visitors entered the building.

The demonstrators were carrying banners declaring "Meat is Murder" and "Poultry Killers Go Home".

The protestors were being watched by a small number of police, although the demonstration was peaceful.

More than 880 companies are exhibiting at the show displaying equipment and services from the farm through to the processor.

The exhibition has attracted a large number of visitors from around the world, including a sizable contingent from South and Latin America.