IPSF NEWS - Awards for Students

by 5m Editor
28 January 2009, at 9:24pm

US - Students at University of Georgia, Athens, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Auburn University, Alabama and North Carolina State University, Raleigh were the winners of the Poster Presentations competition at the International Poultry Science Forum this week.

The students D. L. Mathis, M. D. Lee, J. J. Maurer, J. L. Wilson, R. K. Bramwell, K. S. Macklin, M. J. Wineland, and R. D. Berghaus put forward a presentation examining the management practices and Salmonella prevention in broiler breeder farms in South Eastern USA.

For the study they visited 15 broiler breeder farms in four states - Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia and North Carolina.

They took environmental sample testing for Salmonella and examined the data for the prevalence of the pathogen on the farms and the methods used on the farms to counter the problem - from footbaths to recording visitors to the farm.

The students discovered that Salmonella is prevalent on the farms in the region and there were concerns about biosecurity and rodent controls on the farms.

The Poultry Science Forum also awarded a prize to Mrs J E Phillips from the University of Georgia, Athens for her oral presentation on assessing polymerase genes in pathogenic and attenuated stains of infectious bronchitis virus.

The research gives critical information needed to examine mutations individually and in combination to verify their role in coronavirus pathogenicity, which Mrs Phillips said she hoped would enable safer more efficacious vaccines to be produced.