No Human Bird Flu Case Found in Beijing

by 5m Editor
12 January 2009, at 5:43am

CHINA - No human bird flu case was found in a door-to-door epidemiological survey on Friday (9 January) in Beijing, the municipal health bureau announced in a statement on Saturday.

The survey investigated 82,987 households with a total population of 331,951. In total, 142 flu cases were found. But none of them were H5N1 avian influenza virus positive, according to the statement.

Hospitals in Beijing reported 1,984 flu cases on Friday and no bird flu case was found.

The Ministry of Health reported a human bird flu case on 7 January, in which a 19-year-old female in Beijing was killed by the virus.

Of the 200 people in close contact with the patient in Beijing, 128 have been dismissed from medical observation.

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