Produce More from Less!

by 5m Editor
21 January 2009, at 7:48am

AUSTRALIA - This is the challenge for the poultry industry, says Mingan Choct, CEO of Poultry CRC.

In the latest edition of the EChook News from Poultry CRC, Professor Mingan Choct writes:

Many of you will have heard about the Government's announcement of the Round 11 CRCs in late 2008, and the key changes introduced to the Guidelines. These include calling for annual funding rounds, allowing arts and humanities to submit applications, making governance and management structure flexible, and limiting the total funding period to ten years or less.

We have started to put together our re-bid application, due on 20 March, to help solve the challenge of meeting the increasing demand for chicken meat and eggs, while using less natural and energy resources and reducing environmental impacts. This massive challenge cannot be solved without a collaborative approach involving expertise and facilities both within and outside Australia.

I am delighted to say that we have the support of more than 95 per cent of the Australian poultry industry, largely due to the potential industry, and hence, national, benefits such an endeavour could bring about.

Thanks for your support and I will keep you informed of our progress for the re-bid.