Ukraine Might Restrict Trade in Meat Products

by 5m Editor
6 January 2009, at 9:25am

UKRAINE - In its series, Agricultural Situation, USDA's Foreign Agricultural Service warns that Ukraine may soon impose much higher tariffs on imported red meat and poultry meat early this year.

The Parliament of Ukraine adopted two Laws that threaten to significantly reduce or stop trade in meat and meat products early in 2009 if the President signs them. USDA warns that US exporters should be prepared to face prohibitively high import tariffs on red meat and poultry.

The reports explains that on 23 December 2008, Ukraine's Parliament (the Rada) adopted two draft laws with the intent to reduce imports and restrict trade in red meat and poultry by imposing tariff increases above World Trade Organization (WTO)-agreed bound rates. These drafts may be signed into law by the President as early as mid-January.

The Laws have overlapping provisions and both are aimed at reducing trade in meat products, although other non-food products may be affected.

Further Reading

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