PM Encourages Poultry and Pig Farming

by 5m Editor
6 February 2009, at 7:28am

SOLOMON ISLANDS - Prime Minister, Derek Sikua, has said Solomon Islanders who cannot go into cattle farming because they may not have adequate land should consider poultry and pig farming.

However, People First reports Dr Sikua warning that currently, chicken are expensive because imported chicken feed is very costly.

He suggests the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock should do something about removing the duty paid to import chicken feed.

Mr Pika says an application to the have the duty removed has been submitted to the Ministry of Finance and Treasury for consideration, but so far it has yet to respond.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Sikua says piggery farmers too are finding it difficult to buy piglets in Honiara to start their projects because the prices are expensive.

Mr Pika says his Ministry continues to subsidise piggery entrepreneurs to kick-start their projects.