Poultry to Be Kept Indoors in Finland

by 5m Editor
16 February 2009, at 9:55am

FINLAND - All poultry must be kept indoors from 15 February to 31 May during wild birds' spring migration season, in order to prevent the spread of avian influenza from wild birds to poultry, the country's agriculture ministry said on 15 February.

The decree applies in all parts of the country and to all farmed poultry, the ministry said, adding that possibility of the disease in Finland can not be ruled out.

According to the decree, poultry raisers must notify immediately to the municipal veterinarian or provincial veterinary officers of any exceptional mortality in poultry, or symptoms pointing to avian influenza. Findings of several dead birds, especially aquatic birds, must always be reported to the municipal veterinarian.

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