Chicken Prices Go Down Nationwide

by 5m Editor
26 March 2009, at 10:27am

MALAYSIA - The price of broiler chicken has dropped by 40 to 55 sen per kilogramme nationwide starting from today.

The Federation of Livestock Farmers' Associations of Malaysia said in a statement that the farm price of live chicken dropped from RM3.70 to RM3.30 per kg, the wholesale price from RM4.40 to RM4 per kg and retail price from RM5.10 to 4.70 per kg.

The wholesale price of dressed chicken dropped from RM5.20 to RM4.70 per kg while the retail price of dressed chicken with shank, head, liver and gizzard dropped from RM6 to RM5.55 per kg.

The retail price of dressed chicken without shank, head, liver and gizzard dropped from RM7.40 to RM6.90 per kg, according to Bernama.

The association's chairman Kwei Yew Tong said in the statement that the price drop was the result of the current financial and economic setback facing the nation.

"It is inevitable that the farm price has to drop in tandem with the drop in demand," he explained.