H6N1 LPAI Confirmed at East Anglian Farms

by 5m Editor
6 March 2009, at 10:13am

UK - H6N1 low pathogenic avian influenza (LPAI) has now been confirmed by Defra at two poultry premises in East Anglia.

Further laboratory tests have now confirmed that the H6N1 avian influenza virus present at two poultry premises in East Anglia is of low pathogenicity.

This means that the routine restrictions put in place while the investigations were ongoing are no longer required and have now been lifted as the presence of a statutory notifiable disease has been ruled out.

The H6 serotype of avian influenza virus has been found in wild birds in Europe as well as in poultry in previous years. However, to date, H6 has not been found to be highly pathogenic.

It is important that poultry keepers remain vigilant by looking for any signs of disease in their birds. Any concerns should be reported immediately to their local vet or reported to the Animal Health Agency so that statutory notifiable disease can be ruled out promptly.

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