Improve Growth with Climate Control Technology

PHILIPPINES - Climate control technology can optimise poultry growth, according to Belmont, which supplies combi-tunnel ventilation systems and other poultry equipment.
calendar icon 22 June 2009
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Poultry and livestock equipment supplier, Belmont, is promoting the use of a new climate control technology to optimise the growth of chicken while generating power savings of up to 70 per cent, reports The Philippine Star.

The technology involves a combi-tunnel ventilation system designed specifically for regions with heavy daily or seasonal temperature variations.

The system works by taking in fresh air through wall inlets, thus entailing minimum ventilation to remove the excess moisture and heat of the animals.

"Although it's still in the exploratory stage, the combi-tunnel ventilation is perfect for subtropical and tropical countries like the Philippines. The combi-tunnel technology integrates various ventilation principles into a single intelligent system. It ensures optimum conditions for the chickens by letting ventilation depend on the outdoor temperature, humidity and the age of the animals," said Belmont's marketing manager, Tony Magno.

During hot periods, fresh air is sucked in through a tunnel opening to create a cooling air current in the house. And during cold periods, air is let out through wall fans/chimneys.

Gable-end fans located opposite the tunnel opening with evaporative cooling pads create a cooling air current in the longitudinal direction of the house, resulting in a cooling effect of 10 to 25°C, depending on the air humidity.

The air outlet is controlled in accordance with the energy-saving exhaust principle that ensures annual power savings of 50-70 percent compared with traditional methods.

Conversely, at lower outdoor temperatures, air is taken in through wall inlets with control function that improves the quality of air intake at low ventilation requirements. These wall inlets close at high outdoor temperatures and air is taken in through the tunnel opening at one end of the building.

"This combi-tunnel technology provides efficient and accurate climate control ensuring optimum growth even under frequent and heavy temperature fluctuations. The computer controls the system based on the temperature experienced by the animals. The system can be supplemented with an emergency opening function that ensures the well-being of the animals in case of a power failure," Mr Magno explained.

Makers of the Model G Plus poultry feeder and meal-time poultry feeding system, Belmont was the same company that introduced the tunnel ventilation system in the Philippines.

"Tunnel ventilation has received good feedback since we first launched it here in the country. In fact, San Miguel Foods Inc. has become San Miguel Corp.'s top earner since it shifted to the tunnel technology," Mr Magno pointed out.

Tunnel ventilation is a system where exhaust fans located at one end of the house with large openings installed at the opposite end function to achieve five important purposes – to remove heat, to get rid of extra moisture, to minimise odours and dusts, to limit the build-up of harmful gases like ammonia and carbon dioxide, and to provide abundant oxygen for proper respiration.

Belmont's other products include fibreglass cone fans, stainless steel blade cone fans and stainless steel blade box fans that can be used with the tunnel ventilation system.

These and other products have placed the company at the forefront of the poultry and livestock equipment industry, according to Philippine Star. For 35 years, the company has constantly spearheaded the production of feeders, drinkers, incubators, layer cages, feed delivery systems, conveyors, elevators, chillers, dryers and bagging systems, among others.

Belmont will showcase these products at the forthcoming Agrilink, Foodlink and Aqualink, the country's biggest and most prestigious annual international trade show on agribusiness, food and aquaculture. The triple events will be held at the World Trade Center Metro Manila on 8 to 10 October. For inquiries and/or booth reservations, contact FRLD through 8384549, 8384852, fax 8384573 or e-mail [email protected].

Supported by some 20 national trade associations and with ABS-CBN as media partner, Agrilink, Foodlink and Aqualink will bring Belmont and hundreds of other companies at the center of international market attention during the event, concludes the Philippine Star report.

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