Low-Path Bird Flu Hits Ducks in Spain

by 5m Editor
29 June 2009, at 12:14pm

SPAIN - The veterinary authorities have reported a new outbreak of low pathogenic avian influenza (LPAI) to the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE).

The Spanish veterinary authority sent an Immediate Notification dated 26 June to OIE.

It reports a new outbreak of LPAI in a flock of ducks at Los Arcos in Navarra in northern Spain. Starting on 12 June, the outbreak was in a flock of 3,625 ducks, which were found to have a sub-clinical infection. All of the birds were destroyed.

The report states that avian influenza virus serotype H5 was isolated by PCR but PCR for the N1 neuraminidase was negative. Sequencing confirmed that it was a low pathogenic virus.

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