Oman Lifts Ban on Poultry Imports from India

by 5m Editor
19 June 2009, at 8:41am

INDIA - Oman has lifted the ban on imports of poultry products from India that had been put in place following the avian flu outbreaks last year.

The Sultanate of Oman has lifted a ban on import of poultry products from India, which was put in place after outbreak of bird flu in the country last year, according to Financial Express of India.

"As a result of concerted efforts by the Indian government, ministry of agriculture in Oman, in accordance with their ministerial decree No 168/2008, lifted the ban of live bird products from India," an official statement said.

With the ban being imposed last year, India had taken up the matter with the Omani Authorities saying a blanket ban on import of live bird products from entire India was unjustified as the avian flu was limited to north-eastern region of the country.

"It was also impressed that the affected birds were culled and isolated to prevent further spread of avian flu," the statement said.