Perdue and Poet Partner to Market DDGs

by 5m Editor
23 July 2009, at 9:35am

US – Perdue AgriBusiness and Poet Nutrition have formed a new partnership to promote and represent Poet's Dakota Gold BPX premium distillers grains product line in domestic and international feed markets.

The partnership will advance Poet Nutrition’s eastern US and international market growth.

Perdue AgriBusiness will be Poet’s sales agent in the Mid-Atlantic region and one of its representatives in international markets.

Perdue AgriBusiness will handle Poet’s domestic sales through its extensive agricultural network and execute international sales through its export terminal in Virginia.

Dick Willey, President of Perdue AgriBusiness, said: "This opportunity to collaborate with Poet enables us to work with not only an industry leader in the production of renewable fuels but also a company that shares our longstanding commitment to quality products and services."

He added: "Working with Poet supports our growth strategy to expand our involvement with renewable fuels.

"The Dakota Gold programme has been well-received by our domestic and international customers and is a welcome addition to our product line."

Poet’s exclusive BPX technology, which eliminates the "cooking" process from ethanol production, provides a unique, high quality DDGS (Dakota Gold BPX). Dakota Gold BPX is preferred around the world due to the high, consistent quality and flowability of the product.

"In Perdue AgriBusiness we saw a company with a history and culture very similar to our own," said Jeff Lautt, Executive Vice President at Poet.

"In this partnership, we saw an opportunity to provide additional value to downstream consumers. This alliance further illustrates how we can work in harmony to make a positive difference in today’s dynamic feed markets."