Plan to Boost Bahrain's Poultry Sector

by 5m Editor
30 July 2009, at 7:21am

BAHRAIN - A scheme has been introduced to increase annual production by 20 per cent.

The Municipalities and Agriculture Ministry has launched a scheme to improve the poultry sector and increase annual production of birds by 20 per cent, from 6.2 million to 7.5 million birds, according to Gulf News Daily.

The new capacity will cover more than 50 per cent of consumers' needs, the minister, Dr Juma Al Ka'abi, announced.

The scheme also includes expanding chicken farms and improving veterinary services. The sector provides for more than 17 per cent of national consumers' requirements for chicken and 55 per cent of the total eggs demand.

The sector employs 450 Bahrainis. Bahrain Development Bank will help fund the plan, he added.