Trade Vet Promotes Orego-Stim at SAPA

by 5m Editor
17 August 2009, at 8:24am

SOUTH AFRICA - Trade Vet exhibited at SAPA in April earlier this year to continue with the promotion of Orego-Stim Liquid, the 100 per cent natural liquid additive for use through the drinking water.

According to William Stewart, Regional Sales Manager of Meriden Animal Health Limited (UK), since the launch of Orego-Stim in November last year, interest has been growing at a steady rate.

He said: "It's always great to get the chance to meet Orego-Stim end-users, and especially to hear such positive feedback in a new market."

William Stewart (Regional Sales Manager, Meriden Animal Health Limited (UK)) with Dr Jean Cilliers, Pieter Oosthuizen and Sam Wallace of Trade Vet

Meriden Animal Health says using Orego-Stim in the feed or water will benefit broiler and layer production by:

  • Helping to maintain a healthy immune system
  • Maximising intestinal health
  • Producing drier faeces + drier litter = less ammonia
  • Reducing mortality
  • Decreasing incidences of diarrhoea caused by common intestinal diseases
  • Improving efficiency of growers
  • Providing extra protection during stressful periods
  • Improving growth rates and feed conversion ratio
  • Improving the efficiency of layers and uniformity of the eggs
  • Increasing egg production
  • Reducing the number of cracked, inferior and dirty eggs